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5 Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for Summer

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Planning ahead for summer air conditioning will help you minimize unexpected repairs at the worst time.

1. Be sure your filters, coils, and drains are clean.

Start your summer with a fresh, clean system. Don’t let last year’s dirt and debris waste energy. For every clump of dirt that sits on your system, your air conditioner has to work that much harder. If you are unsure how to clean safely, an air conditioning professional can help. Your summer cooling season will go much better if you get the cleanest start you can.

2. Check your line insulation.

The lines of your air conditioning unit depend on proper insulation to keep the system working well. Don’t take it for granted that your insulation is intact. Normal wear and tear, age, the elements, and leaks can cause insulation to break down.

Before the summer season begins, it’s a good idea to check for any broken or rotting insulation. If you aren’t sure where to check, or need help replacing bad insulation, your air conditioning repair service can help you. You can relax and enjoy a cool summer and peace of mind.

3. Test your system.

The hottest day of the summer is not the time to find out if your air conditioner is working properly. Do a test run of your air conditioning unit at the beginning of summer. Is it cooling properly? Do you notice anything unusual?

Be aware that you can damage your system if you run it too cold. Check with your manufacturer, or consult an air conditioning repair professional to be sure you are testing at the right time of year, and at the proper temperature.

4. Yearly maintenance can start your summer the right way.

Yearly maintenance is a part of life: for health, for cars, for homes, and for your trusty air conditioning unit. It’s easy to put off maintenance when things are going well. Before summer gets into gear, it’s a good time to catch up on your maintenance plan.

A trusted air conditioning repair professional can provide yearly maintenance, checking all parts of your system: cleaning, fine-tuning, and optimizing performance. Your air conditioning professional can also catch any potential problems before they grow. Yearly maintenance can help you stay cool all summer.

5. Know what to do in an air conditioning repair emergency.

You have guests at your house for a summer holiday. Everything is great, and then the air conditioning goes out. You haven’t used a repair service, so where do you find a reliable one? It’s a holiday – what if they’re closed? Or busy? As the day wears on, the indoor temperature starts to climb. What do you do?

Before summer gets underway, it’s good to make an air conditioning emergency repair plan. Find a reliable repair service ahead of time. Ask how they handle summer emergencies. Confirm prices of basic services and make some comparisons. Have a written plan in place for what you will do if your air conditioning stops working properly.

Planning for the unexpected can help minimize discomfort, keep you from overpaying, and prevent a dangerous heat situation.

With these simple steps, you can prepare your air conditioning unit for summer, minimize your repair bill, and enjoy cool air on the hottest days.