Another Top Three Restaurants in Reno

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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. It’s time for the weekly update on Reno’s top three restaurants, and this week has been a tough one. I personally love barbecued food at restaurants, and it’s really hard to eat at different types of restaurants. Somehow I still managed, and this week there will be three different styles of cuisine: sandwiches, Italian, and brunch/cafe food. Now, let’s just get right into the reviews.

gourmelt reno kale salad

Gourmelt is first up on my list, because I was honestly surprised when first eating here. How could I have missed this restaurant so many times while I was in Reno? I happen to go on a lot of business lunches near UNR, so I should have tried it at least once in the past. Who knew that there were restaurants with professionally made grilled cheese? If you can think of a sandwich, then there is a very high probability that Gourmelt serves it. Some of my favorites ones to order are the UltiMelt and the Italian.

The Italian is just as good as La Vecchia, which I will get to later one in the review. For now, I am going to talk about the quality of the food. Not only are the sandwiches big and very filling, but they just taste really good. There is not a single sandwich at Gourmelt that I dislike, and I have tried a lot of them. All of the ingredients taste really fresh, like the chefs just have a little garden in the kitchen that they pick from daily.

Not once have I had the feeling that my food came from a can, and that is how all restaurant food should be. Sandwiches can be kind of a gamble at a lot of Reno restaurants. It’s like clam chowder: either it’s good, or it’s not. Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t decide what to order right away. With so many choices, even I struggled.

It is not like you can order two sandwiches, since they are so big. Gourmelt may specialize in sandwiches, but I have also seen people order salads with things like kale in them. I can’t decide between the garlic and sweet potato fries, so I usually just alternate between the two whenever I eat at this Reno restaurant. That’s enough about the food, though. For me, I have a difficult time enjoying my food when eating in a dark restaurant. Gourmelt eliminates this issue for me by providing plenty of windows and natural lighting.

You are not eating in a glass box, but the experience is there nonetheless. People enjoy everything more when it’s nice and sunny outside. It’s psychology. Kudos for maintaining your atmosphere, Gourmelt. Even though the restaurant can get extremely busy at times, you will never have any problems with the noise level from other customers.

Some restaurants I go to are unbearable with the noise, and I can’t hear anything. Whether it’s from sports TVs or people all yelling over each other and making it even louder. You get all of this and more for a very affordable price. Sometimes I’m surprised at the cost of a sandwich after reading the detailed description, because it sounds so good.

They will detail a sandwich like it’s coming from a super high-end restaurant where all of the servers wear tuxedos, but in reality the sandwich will be cheaper than Subway or other inferior restaurants. In addition, the food always comes with enough for leftovers. I think I already said that. If you want to learn more about individual sandwiches, I would encourage you to read one of the many great online reviews.

la vecchia italian restaurants

Next on the list is La Vecchia Italian Restaurant. Who doesn’t love a good Italian restaurant? There are a ton of things to keep me coming back here, whether it’s the great location, the amazing service, or the interior decor. This time around, you will be eating in South Reno. There are a lot of good restaurants in South Reno, but I have either covered them already or they are just not up to par.

My favorite thing to order from here is the mushroom ravioli plate, and I have always ordered it since the first time eating here. The first thing about La Vecchia Italian Restaurant that you will notice upon entering is the interior’s decor. There are plenty of windows and lights, but the real beauty doesn’t come out until night. It’s located close enough to the city that you have plenty of light pouring in from the outside, and the inside is decorated well enough that you should still be able to see everything.

I also appreciate how the service at La Vecchia Italian Restaurant stands out, as each server if very intelligent. I understand that a lot of waiters are young and they may not have a ton of confidence, but the waiters here will always go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need. It may be something as small as a missing napkin, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Anything a restaurant does to better serve its customers will always gain them a more positive standing within the positive reviews.

cafe and bistro in reno

Finally, we have Oxbow Cafe & Bistro. Not everyone likes to eat at cafes and bistros for dinner, since they are generally associated with smaller dishes that wouldn’t normally fill you up. However, just like Gourmelt, everything you order with come with plenty of food. I usually share with friends, in fact. Oxbow Cafe & Bistro is found in West Reno, near Dickerson.

It overlooks the Truckee River, so if you dig nice scenery then you will be in for a treat. Again, everything that you should come to expect from other Reno restaurants is present here. If you are going to order anything, then order one of the sandwiches. My favorite is the “jive turkey”, and a lot of Oxbow Cafe & Bistro’s positive online reviews mentioned it.

We eat just as often as any other Reno resident, so if you stop by these restaurants then you may run into one of us. The best plumbers in Reno work hard for their meals, so we eat a lot.