Benefits of Plumbing Upgrades

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If you are starting to need plumbing repairs in your home, it might be time to consider plumbing upgrades. While upgrades are an investment, they can help you minimize plumbing repairs, saving you money and aggravation in the long run. Otherwise, when problems come along, you will have repair expenses, plus an upgrade if the repair job is too big or the plumbing is too far gone.

If you don’t have plumbing problems yet, but you are concerned about aging plumbing in your home, upgrades can help you avoid potential problems. They can also give your home an updated appearance and add value to your property. Upgrades are also great for water conservation and energy efficiency, lowering your utility bills while helping the environment.

Here are three common upgrades that can give you the benefits of new, efficient plumbing:

Updating Your Pipes

Depending on the age of your home, you might have older piping that is prone to leaks and breaks. A licensed plumbing professional can help you determine whether an upgrade is needed and what it would entail. While there are small plumbing issues homeowners can remedy on their own, updating pipes should not be one of them. Not only does pipe replacement involve the entire plumbing system; it also runs into issues of electric and sewer lines. It’s important to hire a qualified, licensed plumbing professional, to ensure your upgrade is done correctly, with the right materials, and doesn’t cause bigger problems.

Installing a High-Efficiency Toilet

From low-flush, to dual-flush, to composting toilets, some amazing upgrades are available to give your bathroom a new look with eco-friendly functionality. With a high-efficiency toilet, you will enjoy the savings in your water bill and other utilities as well.

The newest toilet models are extremely water and energy efficient. This technology has been around long enough to have worked out the kinks. By replacing your old toilet with an upgrade, you will remove the costs and headaches of anticipated repairs, and you will save gallons of water per year.

A toilet upgrade adds value and appeal to your home as well. You will also enjoy the look of a bathroom remodel without all the work.

Upgrading Shower Fixtures

You can see a difference in your water bill just by putting in a new showerhead. There are many water-efficient, versatile, and comfortable upgrades on the market.

The newest showerheads have amazing features. They are water efficient, helping you conserve water and lower your water bill. Can’t decide between a fixed or handheld showerhead? The latest models give you the benefits of both, for clean and comfort.

Multiple settings, spray patterns, and pressure adjustments create a sense of luxury while helping with conservation. There’s nothing like feeling invigorated by a luxurious shower while knowing you have saved water. Thanks to new technology, it is possible to experience both, making showers an enjoyable time of the morning or evening.

A new showerhead will almost make you feel like you have a new bathroom. Add upgraded faucets to your sinks, and you might almost feel like you have a remodeled house.

With upgraded plumbing, you will add value to your home, experience peace of mind, and be able to enjoy your eco-friendly, indoor water supply.  Contact Us if you need help!