Common Air Conditioning Repairs that Won’t Break the Bank

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emergency air conditioner repairIt’s a mid-summer day. Outdoors feels like a broiler. The only thing keeping everyone from melting is that blissful air conditioning. And then … something goes wrong.

That’s when people panic. An air conditioning system is a big-ticket item. When the slightest problem occurs, the fear is that the cost will be unmanageable.

You might be relieved to know that many common air conditioning repairs are not excessive. One of the most costly mistakes a homeowner can make is to avoid air conditioning repairs when the problem is simple. As with any mechanical system, if you run your air conditioning unit with a small maintenance problem, it is likely to create bigger problems.

A professional air conditioning repair service can help you cool off in no time, and the problem might be very simple. Here are some of the most common air conditioning repairs:

Power Source – Sometimes, the problem might be as simple as a tripped circuit breaker. Check this first.

Filter Replacement – If you haven’t replaced your filter recently, this might be part of the problem. This is an easy fix that is good for your air conditioning unit and good for you. It helps keep the air clean and keeps your air conditioning system running smoothly. See if this doesn’t improve the problem before considering other repairs.

Thermostat – If your thermostat is not working correctly or needs adjusting, the entire system can’t cycle on and off properly. Older thermostats especially might experience minor problems. A thermostat repair can be very simple, a matter of a small adjustment. Even if it needs replacing, it is not the most expensive part of your air conditioning unit.

Refrigerant Recharge – Refrigerant is used to lift heat from the air inside your home, so it can be discharged outside. As the refrigerant cools, a fan blows air across it to send cool air into your home. Often, a refrigerant leak will cause the system to malfunction. This is a common repair made by air conditioning service professionals.

Fuses – Air conditioning fuses are another common repair. Fuse repairs involve electricity and this is not something you want to do yourself. Fuse problems can have simple causes, including overheating. A repair professional can have your system working in no time.

Fan – The fan in the outside unit can stop working. Sometimes this can result from a simple blockage. At other times, the motor might need to be replaced. While this is not the cheapest repair to your air conditioning unit, it will save you the aggravation and additional expense of running the unit on a bad motor, which can damage the compressor. An air conditioning repair professional can assess the problem and provide the best solution.

Condensate Drain or Pump – This is the drainage network that removes accumulated condensation from your air conditioning system. When the drainage system is blocked or the pump fails, the water runoff can leak. This can create water damage in your home if left unattended. The leak might be caused by a simple clog that is easily cleaned. Whether the lines need to be flushed or a new pump purchased, this is a common repair.   

So, if all is not well with your air conditioning unit, don’t panic. Take it one step at a time. Rule out the simplest solutions and make notes of what exactly is going wrong. An air conditioner repair professional can help you sort through the next steps.