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We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to choose our company as the right air conditioning repair company for your home or business heating and cooling system needs. Paschall Plumbing Heating & Cooling knows that it is important to balance our customers’ needs with that of the services we offer.

We asses every home or business on space available, climate and insulation in order to help our customers choose the system that will work best for their needs. Working in this way with our customers helps in finding the best air conditioning system that is appropriate, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

In Nevada, central heating and cooling is the norm for most homes and buildings. The initial costs of installing a central heating and cooling system is far outweighed by the benefits gained long term. At Paschall we strive to keep your home or business just the way you want it, at the perfect temperature for your needs.

Heating and cooling typically are almost 50% of your utility bill. It doesn’t matter what kind of heating and cooling system you have, you will improve your comfort level and potentially save money by upgrading and properly maintaining your air conditioning and heating equipment.

Just having an energy efficient furnace on its own will not have as great an impact on your energy bill as having a trustworthy air conditioning repair company providing maintenance and upgrades with recommended thermostat settings, insulation and air sealing. This offers energy bill savings of nearly 30% while reducing environmental impact.

If you are feeling cold in your home or business it may very well be that your heating system is not working as well as it should. Now would be the time to find a reputable air conditioning repair company to check your system and make sure it is working properly. Trust that Paschall Plumbing, Heating & Cooling will do it’s best to get your home or business at the perfect environment to meet your needs.

How to Decide When to Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning Unit

The US Department of Energy estimates that the efficient service life of an air conditioning system is ten to fifteen years in active environments.  Here in the Reno and Sparks area, we’ve found, after countless years of repairing air conditioning systems, that the life span runs a little to the longer side because the use of the air conditioners is about half the year.  As an air conditioning repair contractor, Paschall Plumbing has seen thousands of units.  Some brands do better in our environments than others, but just because we tend to use them for only half the year, does not mean that they’re not subject to damage from harsh desert conditions.  In order to insure that you get the most out of your air conditioning unit for years to come, you should consider an annual service by Paschall’s air conditioning repair & maintanence technicians. 

If you have a current unit, before we get into the summer season, you should do a visual inspection of the air conditioning unit.  Note any cosmetic or exterior damage.  Look for possible fin damage and cooling fan blade damage before lighting up the air conditioning system for the first time in the season.  Any you’re better off doing this 30 days ahead of needing it.  Nothing like finding out that some foreign object has damaged your air conditioner system when you really need it to be comfortable.

There may be signs or symptoms that the unit has surpassed it’s life expectancy and that you need to replace your AC unit.  The first sign is usually that the air conditioner needs more frequent repairs.  Needing to have your air conditioner service done by an air conditioning repair company more than once per year is a pretty good sign that the unit may need replacing very soon.  Another point to look for – is the AC unit not throwing very cold air or does it seem to not be running as efficiently, or running much longer to cool your space.  Another symptom is sound.  Does it sound as it use to?  Does it sound rougher? Do dogs howl and cry when it comes on because the noise is unbearable to a beagle? 

These symptoms may mean that there are service issues, or that you could be do for a replacement.  As professional air conditioning repair technicians, we will give you an honest and fair assessment of the situation and make sure that we save you as much money as possible whether we are going to repair your air conditioning system or replace your whole air conditioning unit.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning System

In Northern Nevada, April is the best time to prepare you air conditioning system for the hot months that are just around the corner.  I’m not sure how long you’ve lived in the Reno Sparks area, but we’ve been here long enough to see some moderate temperate summers, and some blistering hot summers.  Having your air conditioner ready and running efficiently in order to save money from the possible heavy use of a blistering summer can be really important.

One thing you can do is get a head start

You can pretty much count on air conditioning repair service companies are more readily available during the off peak months.  This is another great reason to get your air conditioning service done in April.  Professional air conditioning repair professionals have skills that go beyond most people’s ‘do-it-yourself’ capabilities and have all the right diagnostic tools to check the reliability, performance, and efficiency of your air conditioner system before high heat and early enough to avoid costly air conditioning repairs.  Quick tip here:  most people do not replace their air filters for their air-conditioning systems often enough.  Buy extras, and during the heavy use times for cooling or heating, replace them often. The damn things are so cheap!  Just do it.  You’ll thank me later.

Anyway, let’s get back on subject here…

Air Conditioner Scheduled Maintanence

We live in a very hot environment (not as hot as Phoenix – those people are crazy) so, if your air conditioner system is over ten years old, and if it’s not an Energy Star rated system, it could be costing you more that it’s even worth.  Either plan on replacing it or have a really thorough annual tune up in order to prevent a really big bill on air conditioning repair services.

If you’re sure that your air conditioner system is very efficient, annual maintanence, filter replacement, and ductwork inspection may be enough to put you in top running order again for the season.  Let’s check it to be sure.

Fix Your Cooling Environment to Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Runs Efficiently

First, you really need to make sure that your ductwork is a very well sealed system.  A leak in your ducts could be blowing cold air into all the wrong places, like into the crawl space under your home.  Or into the attic.  Be sure to have a ductwork inspection done by an air conditioning repair professional (hint: call Paschall).  Past leaky ductwork – what about leaky doors or windows?  You really need to get your space to be cooled SEALED.  Do a visual inspection and look for spots that can be improved.  The better sealed your space is, the better your air conditioner can perform, thus saving you the big bucks.

Two other environmental factors: shade and timing.  What?  Yeah – I mean it.  If you’re allowing blaring sun to come into your windows during the hot months, it just heats up the space from the outside.  Close the blinds, pull the drapes, consider better window coverings and even consider tinting your windows.  Seriously, it can really help.  Timing:  don’t do things that produce a lot of heat at the high heat times of the day.  Baking a cake or roasting a ham at four or five in the afternoon is going to create a ton of heat and you’ll need to have your air conditioner cranking on high to make up for it. 

Okay – that’s enough about that.  Look, Paschall Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been in Reno for over thirty years.  We don’t want a standing ovation for that.  We just want you to know that we treat our customers like friends.  Let us help you with your air conditioning repairs and service.  We’ll give you great, fair pricing, and we’ll help you in anyway that we can. 

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