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No one wants to take a cold shower.

Okay, maybe a couple hard-working sweaty folks out there wouldn’t mind a cool shower every now and then, but you get the idea. If you’re having issues with your hot water heater, it might be time to call Paschell Plumbing for the best in Reno water heater repair. We’ll be glad to send one of our Reno hot water heater technicians out and get your hot water back on in no time. We offer 24/7 hot water heater repair in Reno. By the way, our technicians don’t just serve the Reno area, but we also have hot water heater technicians in Sparks, Carson City, Montreaux and Verdi, Nevada. Call us at 775-825-6500 to get your hot water heater fixed ASAP.

Specialized Technicians

We realize it’s a little awkward letting strangers in your house to check out your plumbing, but we’re only human. We want you to know that our technicians will always be respectful of your home and work in a professional manner. Just like humans, water heaters come in all different shapes and sizes, and different things make them tick. With that being said, hot water heaters should be evaluated by your local water heater professional, as the professional will have the most helpful knowledge and expertise. Paschall Plumbers can ensure that your water heater will be fixed safely and accurately.

Again, all water heaters are different and may require different types of maintenance. Let’s take for example the on-demand gas heater. The gas water heater repairs and costs will be quite different from your conventional tank unit repairs and costs.

At the Paschell Plumbing, we hire and train licensed technicians with experience in working on all types of hot water heaters. When we arrive at your home or business, we will examine your unit and educate you on the cause of the problem and what needs to be done to fix it. Our plumbers will always treat home or business owners with respect and work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We won’t make a mountain out of a mole hill if we don’t have to.

No one likes the unexpected expenses of a repair or replacement of a hot water heater. That’s why Paschell Plumbing works with honesty and we won’t try to upsell you on a new hot water heater unless we truly believe that’s what you need. Sometimes a quick repair will be all that’s necessary – perhaps we just need to simply replace a bad element. If after our thorough hot water heater inspection we decide the water heater is beyond repair, we will suggest installing a new hot water heater.

Other reasons we might suggest a new hot water heater is for the family of four who bought a house that was made for a family of two. What we mean is, your hot water heater is too small for the amount of hot water your family uses. You may be running out of hot water more quickly because of this, so we might suggest a bigger tank for this reason. You could also consider a tankless water heater, which will heat water on demand rather than store hot water and saturate your energy bill.

Regardless of whatever your hot water heater situation is, our technicians will talk with you and explain the different options that are available to you.

A Business You Can Trust

At Paschell Plumbing, we take pride in our reputation as a Reno water heater repair company. We’ve served the Reno Sparks area for over 30 years. Our success is due to the fact that we are truly passionate plumbers who care about our community. We genuinely want to help our customers achieve comfortable living with appropriate plumbing and water needs. We strive to be honest and down-to-earth while offering professionalism and wisdom in our field. We will provide you with fast and friendly service at affordable plumbing prices.

We realize that plumbing emergencies – such as gas hot water heater problems– can happen any time of the day. That’s why we’re on call 24/7. Being ready when you need us is just another way that we take our customer service to the next level.

Call us

If you’re looking for an affordable and trustworthy plumber in the Reno Sparks area, call us at 775-825-6500. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can reach us any time you have a plumbing problem.

Experiencing issues with your water heater?

Save yourself the hassle and frustration of waiting for repairs. Contact your local water heater specialists for prompt and affordable service when you’re in need.

Affordable Water Heater Services

  • Service all makes and models
  • Repair / install
  • Routine maintenance
  • Gas, oil, electric
  • Water heater inspections
  • 24 / 7 service
  • Flat rate pricing

Having issues with an Electric Hot Water Heater?

If your electric hot water heater is slow getting water up to a reasonable tempature, or it runs out of hot water too fast, or you’re not getting any hot water at all, then it most likely needs a new heating element.  Most electric hot water heaters have two, and there’s a high probability that one or both has gone bad. It’s a pretty basic fix and at Paschall Plumbing, we do many MANY of these every month.  Our trained technicians carry several electric water heater elements for different brands and we can get you back in hot water in a short time.

We can test the heating elements, remove one if it’s bad, and install a new one. But one thing you should know is that water heaters have a typical life span of 10 to 15 years. If your heater is approaching old age, replacement of the unit may be smarter than repair.

There certainly other potential causes of a lack of hot water. Before having us come out and test the elements, check to make sure the circuit breaker is on and not tripped. Also press the reset button on the high-temperature cutoff located just above the upper thermostat. Resetting either the circuit breaker or the high-temperature cutoff may resolve the problem, but the fact that they were tripped in the first place may indicate an electrical problem. If they trip again, we can test the heating elements for you.

If the heating elements are good, the problem could be with the thermostats or cutoff switch. Testing is complicated, but inexpensive to repair or replace.

Having issues with a Gas Hot Water Heater?

If your gas water heater is over 10 years old, or is showing signs of leaking, it’s probably best to skip the troubleshooting and just invest in a replacement.  Water heaters do an amazing feat for you and although they have no moving parts (that we can think of), they do wear out.  Our hot water heater replacement service includes draining and disposing of the old tank properly for the rules of the city of Reno or Sparks Nevada.  So your replacement goes as smoothly as possible.

But, let’s troubleshoot common issues before we throw the baby out with the bathwater (or the water heater out with the cold bath water!).  Some things we should check:

Is the pilot light lit or has it been blown out?  This is a common issue.  If you can’t tell whether it is lit or not, or you’re not sure – call us.  For a minimal charge, we can get a tech by to troubleshoot this for you.

Is your tank full of sediment?  This can be a simple issue of flushing the sediment out, but we do have a different type of sediment that can be found in the water here in Northern Nevada.  And if that sediment has a high concentration of Calcium, flushing may not work. The calcium, sediment, and hot water can mix together and cause that sediment to harden and stick to the inside of the tank – you can’t flush that stuff out.  But, if all else fails, we can check that for you.

When replacing a water heater, you need to consider some things:

  • Capacity.  Is the number of gallons you currently have enough? It might be time to bump it up a little.
  • Dimensions.  Will a bigger tank fit in the same spot?  Can a bigger tank with the same footprint fit?
  • Recovery.  How well rated is the model of the hot water heater you’re considering for getting water up to temperature?
  • Energy Efficiency.  In Reno Nevada, we’re finding many of our customers are ready to move to a smaller hot water tank, a more efficient hot water heater, or possibly moving to a tankless hot water heater in order to improve efficiency.  We are experts in this area and can help advise you based on your needs for your home in Reno or Sparks.

Things just got too chill.

You’re just starting to wash off ad relax in the shower only to be unpleasantly surprised by the surge of freezing water halfway through. Then you do some kind of strange jig as you try your best to wash all the soap off and not turn into a human popsicle at the same time. This is the feeling of a water heater gone bad.

Of course it could be any number of things and it may not mean you need to completely replace the water heater. A water heater that stops working is not uncommon. Often, a water heater can be fixed by replacing a part. However, the first thing you should do when a water heater stops working is determine what the root of the problem is and then determine whether it needs repaired or replaced.

Many times, people don’t know where to begin when looking at a water heater, that’s why Paschell Plumbing and HVAC is here. We are water heater experts in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Montreaux and Verdi areas. We would be glad to assist you with all of your water heater supplies and needs. We will always attempt a repair before recommending a water heater replacement.

Here are just a few common things that could cause your water heater to stop working or do funky things:

  • a leaking tank
  • an element gone bad
  • not enough hot water
  • water that is too hot
  • water that is not hot enough
  • strange noises in the tank
  • discolored water
  • hard water damage

Hot Water Heater Replacement

After we take a look at your water heater, we will determine whether or not it can be fixed quickly or if it needs replaced. If it is beyond repair and needs replaced, we can install a new water heater for you. As experts in the plumbing and water heating business, we can offer professional guidance on what kind of water heater would be best for your home and family. We will install it and ensure that it is hooked up properly and according to local code.

“What kind of water heater should I get?”

It’s a question we hear often. Water heaters come in many shapes and sizes. One factor to consider is how much time your family spends in the shower and how much hot water you may use at a time. Smaller families can get by with a smaller water heater. Average to larger families will certainly need a bigger water heater. Here is some information regarding the types of water heaters available:

  • Conventional  – water is constantly heated in a standing tank until it’s ready to use.
  • Tankless – system where water flows over a heat exchanger converting tap water into hot water immediately link to tankless water heater page.
  • Solar – generates hot water for your home just like a conventional water heater but is powered by solar energy instead of gas or electricity link to solar water heater page.

Brands carried by Paschall Plumbing and HVAC:

  • American
  • AO Smith
  • Bradford White
  • General Electric
  • Rheem
  • Ruud
  • Whirlpool

Need more information or ready to get started? Fill out our quote form and get a special bonus coupon OR call us today!

Hot Water heater safety

If you’re not experienced with water heaters, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The last thing you want is scalding hot water to cause you harm. Here are some safety tips for your water heater:

  • Always keep it slightly elevated, especially when it’s located in a basement.
  • Water heaters need to be properly sized for your home/place of business.
  • Don’t ever set the hot water temperature above 120 degrees.
  • Keep combustible or flammable material away from your water heater.
  • Drain your hot water heater once a year to keep from build-up within the tank
  • When leaving for vacation, set your hot water heater at its lowest temperature setting. This will save you money and reduce risk of problems while you’re away.

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