Reno’s Top Three Best Restaurants of 2018

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beef tartare asian fusion

After a nice weekend of hanging out with friends and eating at great Reno restaurants, I am ready to go back to work again. We tried out some new restaurants this time, and all of them were really good. I made sure to read the reviews before going to any of the new restaurants, just in case. Since my first impressions are still fresh in my mind, I thought that it would be a good idea if I reviewed each restaurant. It should probably help their reputations, even if it’s only in a small way.

reno asian korean restaurant

The first restaurant we went to was Arario Midtown. Can you guess where this restaurant is located? If you guessed midtown in Reno, then you would be correct. Arario Midtown is an Asian fusion restaurant, which means that they combine positive aspects of different styles of cuisine to make a new hybrid. It’s a popular style of restaurant that has been cropping up more lately, but I have been hard pressed to find a good one. Well I was, at least. Not anymore. Arario Midtown also serves tapas, which are just small plates. They’re basically appetizers, but more nuanced than that. It’s pretty much the middle ground between regular entrees and appetizers.

Anyways, I ordered the Bulgogi Bowl and kimchi fries. Needless to say, I was not disappointed with the quality of the food. In fact, everything tasted very fresh and well-made. No canned food that was microwaved seconds before being put on my plate, only real ingredients that you would not expect to be cheap. Which also kind of comes off as a surprise, seeing as how all of the different items on Arario Midtown’s menu are very affordable.

I guess price does not have to be synonymous with quality, after all? My friends shared the whole squid salad, and they told me that it was very good as well. The proportions are great enough at this Reno restaurant that you can share the majority of the dishes with someone else if you want. It’s always nice to encounter chefs who don’t want you to go home hungry, without leeching off of you for more money. Obviously money is the deciding factor in business, but the restaurants on this list show that not everyone is greedy in the food industry.

The second most important part of a restaurant is their atmosphere. Noise, decor, and lighting are all key factors of this. The noise from other customers was kept to a tolerable level, which the management only really partially has a hand in. The decor was great, and I can never say no to a beautiful interior. Especially not one with amazing food.

There aren’t too many windows providing natural light, but having plenty of ceiling lights made up for that. My friends didn’t believe me, but I think that Arario Midtown would make a great location for a romantic date. I’ll have to see what the wife thinks about it. Before I finish the review, I want to give one last special mention to the Kimchi Gratin.

I thought that I wouldn’t like it, but I actually really did. We were still in the area later on Saturday, so we just decided to come back for dinner. Overall Arario Midtown was a very good restaurant, and I look forward to the next time I can eat here. Judging from the number of positive reviews, it would appear that Arario Midtown has many more regulars than most restaurants.

asian restaurant reno nv

Tofu House is another Asian restaurant, but this one is only specifically Korean. Korean BBQ has long been one of my favorite foods, so I came into this restaurant with very high expectations. To my surprise, they were met. I’m always looking for some kind of catch whenever I find a restaurant like this, because it seems like no restaurant can truly be perfect. I’ll have to keep eating at Tofu House in the future to make sure it’s consistent in quality.

Tofu House is found in South Reno, which is close to where I live. There are a lot of other restaurants nearby, so Tofu House has some pretty stiff competition. Regardless, this restaurant still came out on top. I think the most unique aspect of Tofu House is the service. Finding reliable people to work as servers has seemed less common in recent years, and it feels like the younger generation is just lazier.

Wherever Tofu House’s management found their workers, I need to find some like them. Somehow the staff manages to be extremely helpful and friendly, but they also know when to stay away and let me conversate with my companions. I wish I had discovered this Reno restaurant earlier, and so do my friends. That’s why we all left great online reviews.

reno mexican restaurant amazing

That’s enough about Asian food, though. It’s time to review some Mexican food. If you thought Taco Bell’s nacho fries were good, then you have never tried the nacho fries at Chihuahua’s Cantina & Grill. Here, you will be eating on South Virginia in Reno. South Virginia will take you past a lot of different places in Reno, so if you’re unfamiliar with town then it makes a great landmark to look for. My favorite thing to order from here so far has been the fiesta shrimp. Even though it is the only thing that I have ordered.

The reason I placed Chihuahua’s Cantina & Grill last on the list is because it serves alcohol, and understand that not everyone who is reading these reviews can legally order drinks yet. The first thing I noticed upon sitting down was how clean everything was. Not just things that I would touch with my bare hands, but the walls and other similar (but important) things.

The second thing I noticed was the variety on the menu, even though it is a Mexican restaurant. You would be surprised at how many different Mexican dishes there are, since it’s not something that most people eat every single day. Again, I look forward to coming back and trying more than one dish. It’s a shame that I can’t leave positive online reviews for each thing that I enjoyed about this restaurant.

All of these reviews and more can be found on our website. Be sure to stop by any of these restaurants during regular lunch hours, as you will be sure to find one of the best Reno plumbers eating there. I will be eating at these restaurants regularly, as they deserve all of the customers they can get.