Selling Your House? Updated Plumbing Adds Value

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If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, there are some very simple plumbing upgrades to add value to your property. New faucets, high-efficiency toilets, and updated appliances all add appeal for prospective buyers.

Put yourself in the buyers’ minds: They find the perfect house. But a quick walk-through shows all the appliances are outdated. They start thinking: The house doesn’t look as new as I want it to. I’m going to have to replace these appliances. Or, maybe it's time to look at replacing flooring. Here are some great flooring contractors Cleveland Ohio.

What a difference a new dishwasher would make. The buyer might not even notice it’s new. But it won’t stand out as being old. For a homebuyer, a new house should feel new, even when it’s an older structure. Nothing feels newer and brings more peace of mind than updated appliances.

When prospective buyers tour your house and see upgraded plumbing fixtures, they think, This won’t need to be fixed anytime soon, and it looks luxurious. It makes me love this house. Energy efficient appliances make them think, I’ll conserve water, which is good for the environment. And my energy and water bills will be lower.

Something as simple as an upgraded kitchen faucet can make a difference. It creates an image in the buyers’ minds of luxury and convenience. Just one more indication of repair work these future homeowners won’t have to do in the new house.

Add a new sink, and you’ll really get your prospective buyers’ attention.

How about fixing that waste disposal system that hasn’t worked since you moved in? It’s the little details that help future homeowners fall in love with your house.

And just wait till your prospective buyers see the new showerheads, with multiple settings that create a sense of luxury with a promise of water conservation.

If you really want to turn up the appeal, you might consider upgrading the pipes, especially if you have an older home. Older pipes are one of those unspoken worries people have when considering the purchase of an older home. A charming older house can be so attractive but if everything breaks down … Imagine the joy you will bring to the next owners of your sweet older house when you tell them all the plumbing is new.

With a few simple and strategic professional plumbing upgrades, you can add value, energy efficiency, and visual appeal that will make your home attractive to homebuyers.

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