Simple Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems

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Plumbing affects many parts of your home and you want it to work well. When plumbing breaks down, not only is this an inconvenience. It also brings worries about costly repairs.

While many plumbing repairs do require professional service, there are a few simple problems you can check for yourself. Sometimes, a simple step will fix the problem. If not, a plumbing professional can help you. By checking first for simple solutions, you will know when you call for a plumber that it was not something simple you missed.

Often, it’s tempting to try deeper plumbing system repairs on your own. But be aware of the many ways you can damage your pipes. You will save money and aggravation in the long run by getting a professional to help you.

Here are some common plumbing problems that can have many different causes. For each one, there is something you can check first before calling for plumbing repair. If the first solution doesn’t work, a plumbing professional can make the necessary repairs and get your system back up and running properly.

Low Water Pressure

This can have a number of causes that trace all the way back to the water supply, or to water leaks, faulty valves, or sediment build-up in the system. This is not a problem you want to ignore.

You can start by checking your faucet. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as build-up of debris inside the aerator – the little screen that screws onto the opening of your faucet.

If you take off the aerator and the water pressure is fine, clean the residue off the aerator and put it back on the faucet.

That’s a simple solution. If you still have low pressure after checking the aerator, a plumbing professional can help you isolate and repair the problem.

Sluggish Draining of Tub or Sink

A build-up of hair and dirt in the drain can cause sluggish draining. Check immediately around the drain for a visible clog and remove it. See if that solves the problem. Consider installing a drain basket to prevent future build-up.

If the drain is still sluggish, the problem is deeper in the pipes. A plumbing professional can remove the clog and check on the system for any further causes of sluggish draining.

Toilet that Continues to Run

Sometimes a running toilet means the flapper didn’t close all the way. This is easy to check and fix. Look inside the toilet tank to see if the flapper is up. Try simply pushing it down so it fits securely over the opening.

If you are familiar with the inner workings of a toilet tank, you can also check the float ball or cup, and the overflow tube to see why the water continues to flow. Check with your toilet manufacturer for a diagram of the parts inside the toilet tank, their functionality, and simple tweaks to keep them working well.

Sometimes, a repair or replacement part is needed. If one part is worn out and needs replacing, there is a good chance the other parts are worn too. A plumbing professional can locate the problem and help you determine the most cost-effective solution

Dripping Faucet

emergency plumbers reno nvSometimes, all a dripping faucet needs is a washer replacement. If that does not stop the dripping, the problem is deeper in the system. A plumbing repair professional can help. While a dripping faucet might seem like a minor inconvenience, it will run up your water bill and could indicate a bigger problem. It’s best to get help while the problem is still minor.

If you take regular steps to keep your plumbing clean, check for signs of problems, and try simple solutions, you will do a lot toward keeping your plumbing system in good repair. When simple solutions don’t work, a plumbing repair professional can help you find the best solution and avoid bigger problems.