South Reno’s Top Three Best Restaurants

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clam chowder restaurant in reno

I have lived in Reno for over a decade, and I have eaten at the vast majority of Reno restaurants while I have been here. I definitely have a few favorites, but at times it can be hard to decide because the food is so great no matter where you go. There have been disappointing experiences as well, but this list isn’t about that, is it? A lot of people know that the casinos offer high-end food, but I want to put the regular guys on the map for people as well.

First of all, I have to talk about my favorite place to eat in Reno. The quality of the food is only met by the service and overall ambience while you’re inside. That restaurant would be the Claim Jumper. This restaurant is located in South Reno, nearby some other great restaurants as well. Personally, I enjoy every little thing about this Reno restaurant. First, the service is very good. I have never had any difficulty engaging the staff in conversation, and they are very attentive and helpful.

My glass is never empty, and my food comes in a timely manner. Nobody wants to wait forever for their food, that’s why they’re in the restaurant to begin with. When I ate here for the first time, I had no idea what to order. The staff provided me with plenty of different suggestions. Don’t worry if you’re bringing your kids, or some other picky eater. There is enough variety on the menu that everyone can order something and be satisfied, and I’m sure you could also as the chefs to modify a few dishes to make them truly vegan.

I’ve never tried. If you asked what my favorite dish on the menu was, I would have to say that it is the clam chowder. I have ordered burgers from Claim Jumper in the past, but the chowder’s quality is only met by one other restaurant in Reno (who I will also be reviewing). Furthermore, I always have to get the bread bowl. If you’re new to Reno, enjoy clam chowder, or you’re just looking for a new restaurant to try out, I would highly encourage you to eat at Claim Jumper.

reno restaurant claim jumper

I usually try to see if I can get some more of the cheesy bread to go, for my kids.


The staff will normally oblige me, unless it’s like my second or third plate. Which has definitely happened in the past. One thing that you will start to notice (if you eat here as often as me) is how clean the staff manages to keep the interior of the restaurant. Even the bathrooms are very clean, and I appreciate not being grossed out when I have to do my business.


Speaking of business, the last thing I would like to mention about Claim Jumper is that it is a great location for business lunches. I have been on my fair share of business lunches here, and I like to think that it works in my favor each time.

If you ate at a dumpy restaurant for a business meeting, your colleagues would likely think lesser of you. Maybe not everyone is that stuck-up, but I’m sure it doesn’t help your relationship if you eat at a Chinese restaurant with more flies than options on the menu. It could also be the fact that the staff is very friendly towards everyone, so it improves the mood of anyone present at your business lunch. No matter what the reason is for visiting Claim Jumper, make sure to leave your thoughts in positive online reviews afterwards. All good reviews are always appreciated by a restaurant’s staff.

reno restaurant and pub

Next up, there is the Flowing Tide Pub. Again, you will be eating in the south side of Reno. It’s not exclusively a bar, but the bar area does make up the majority of the restaurant. Don’t let that drive you away if you’re taking your kids or you’re not into alcohol. The food at Flowing Tide is still some of the best that I have eaten, and I always make sure to stop by here for lunch when I’m in the area. Deciding my favorite meal here is decidedly harder, because there are so many choices on the menu.

Reno has plenty of bars and pubs, but not all of them offer a quality of food like this. Some of my favorite dishes that I have ordered in the past include the BBQ burger with shoestring onions, the chicken caesar wrap, and the nachos. Actually, scratch that. The chicken caesar wrap is by far my favorite thing to order here. If you do order the nachos, the proportions are substantial enough that you could split the dish with at least 2 other people. My friends and I have all left great online reviews afterward, and I look forward to my next visit.

atlantis resort purple parrot

Last but not least, there’s Purple Parrot. This restaurant is located inside of the Atlantis Casino in Reno, and I almost put Toucan Charlie’s on here instead. I think the El Dorado’s buffet is also pretty great, so I don’t know how I would choose between the two. Purple Parrot’s clam chowder is my favorite thing to order. I said that I would be mentioning clam chowder again, didn’t I?

My sisters tried both the chicken strips and the spaghetti, and they seemed to like them. Eating a bowl of clam chowder (a bread bowl, nonetheless) is way too filling for me to eat something else afterwards. What I appreciate about the food at Purple Parrot is that all of the ingredients taste very fresh. The closest water source to Reno is Lake Tahoe, and that isn’t even close to an ocean. However the chefs procure their ingredients, I don’t care.

As long as it tastes fresh and not from a can, I will love it. Expect great service and ambience here again. One last thing that I like about Purple Parrot is the noise. Casinos are extremely loud places, but Purple Parrot is back in a corner of the casino so you’re kind of shielded from all of the sound by the entrance to the restaurant. The little things add up. Sometimes while waiting for my food I will read the amazing reviews online, and I’m surprised at how many people have had positive experiences.

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