South Reno’s Top Three Greatest Restaurants

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southcreek reno pizza restaurant

One of the things that I love most about Reno is how diverse all of the cuisine is. You can eat Mediterranean food, Middle Eastern food, and even French food. Whenever I head out into the city, I always look for some new food to try. These three restaurants are the ones that piqued my interest the most in the past few days. Every good restaurant needs good reviews as well, that way they can reach out to the most customers possible.

southcreek pizzeria south reno

The first restaurant in Reno that I am going to review is Southcreek Pizza. After all, who doesn’t love a good pizza? This restaurant is located in South Reno, somewhat close to Depoali Middle School. If you’re picking up your kid from a late practice, or you just got done buying groceries but you don’t want to make any food, then this is a great restaurant to stop by. Southcreek Pizza is pretty much across the street from Winco, so I like to eat dinner and then grab some groceries before I head home.

Depends on whether or not you like to get your groceries from Winco. A lot of people that eat at Southcreek Pizza just order regular pizzas like cheese and pepperoni, but I think more people need to open their eyes to new possibilities. My favorite pizza to eat at this Reno restaurant is the Afterburner. It comes with meatballs, tomatoes, cheese, red onions, and basil. In addition, you also get these really great hot chopped cherry peppers. I am not really one who enjoys ordering spicy food, but I have never ordered a different pizza from Southcreek Pizza.

Or a bad one, for that matter. Sadly there aren’t any vegan options, but if you’re really set on eating healthy then there are healthier alternatives to their regular pizzas. I always appreciate when a pizzeria does that. You could be like Domino’s and be like the fast food chain of pizzas, or you could run a respectable and reliable business. Regardless, the food quality of the food at Southcreek Pizza isn’t their only attractive aspect.

There’s also the sanitation. Pizza is pretty greasy food, so your staff has to make sure that they are constantly wiping everything down at the tables. I have been disappointed with the cleanliness (or lack thereof) with certain pizza places in Reno. At Southcreek Pizza, even the bathrooms are really clean. That is definitely not something that you would see every day, especially not in a room that is designed to be dirty.

I like to read the amazing online reviews whenever I’m waiting for my pizza, since pizzas usually take a decent amount of time to make. First things first, there are a lot of them. Most of them talk about their favorite pizzas, like the Nomad and the Campo. I don’t know what exactly goes into making those ones, but the sound of them is making my mouth water.

Unless they had anchovies or something like that on them. Even from the moment you walk in, it is abundantly clear that the customers here are not rambunctious or loud. You can enjoy your pizza with whoever you brought along, and in peace. Southcreek Pizza is in a nice location, and they offer great service and food. On top of being a pizzeria. What more could you ask for?

reno health food restaurant

If a pizza place in Reno doesn’t hold your interest, then maybe Great Full Gardens will. It sounds like a place where you can only order handmade organic salads from millennials, but Great Full Gardens is actually a really good place to get yourself healthy food. I have brought plenty of my own customers here on business lunches, and they have never had any major complaints. I appreciate that, because Great Full Gardens’ business is feeding directly into mine.

If I took them to a Chinese buffet and they got food poisoning, then that would be on me and nobody else. Great Full Gardens is also located right next to the Smith’s in South Reno, not too far away from the Renown South Meadows Medical Center. If you’re checking out of the hospital and you’re hungry, why not eat some health food to help you recover?

Not a lot of people know about the Paleo diet, which consists of eating pretty much what a hunter-gatherer would. Hence the “Paleo” (old/ancient) Latin root. “How is this relevant?” you may be asking yourselves. Because my favorite dish to order at Great Full Gardens is the double edge Paleo bowl, of course. It tastes good, and it is very good for you. I always think it’s funny how many amazing reviews healthy restaurants get. Maybe people are just trying to spread the word that fast food is not the only food.

reno asian sushi restaurant

Last but not least, all of you sushi lovers out there need to try Jazmine. I used to pass this restaurant all of the time and never put too much thought into it. However, when I saw the reviews for it only while looking for a new restaurant to try, I was honestly surprised. As many positive online reviews as there were, how could I not have heard of this Reno restaurant? Jazmine is located near Double Diamond in Reno, which is another great area of town.

Lots of expensive restaurants nearby since the housing nearby is relatively new, but Jazmine somehow manages to keep their prices low nonetheless. It’s hard to conjure up my favorite sushi roll on the spot, because there are so many factors that I need to take into consideration. My friends always order the chef’s special spicy roll, so let’s just go with that one.

One thing that you will notice about Jazmine after eating at other sushi restaurants is the service. I was really disappointed with other Asian restaurants and their declining quality, but Jazmine renewed my interest. The servers are so polite and friendly! You have to be, if you want your restaurant to garner a great reputation within the city. Then you can generate more restaurants and people will know your name and eat there.


You will always be able to find the best plumbers in Reno at one of these restaurants. We give our compliments to chef at each one, and we look forward to the next time we can visit any of them. Keep up the good work, amazing Reno restaurant owners.