The Latest Top Three Restaurants in Reno for Foodies

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Ever been disappointed after eating at a restaurant in Nevada, and then proceeded to wonder why you were even eating there? Not me. If you want to be just like me and only eat at the best restaurants in Reno, then read each one of these reviews very closely. Nobody likes to waste their money by eating at a bad restaurant, and this way you can take precautions. The reason I would trust this review more than other online ones is because some businesses can pay money to have negative reviews taken down. I have seen it firsthand.

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The first Reno restaurant on my list is Bazaar European Deli & Cafe. For those of you who are into trying new and unique foods, this is the place to be. The sheer variety in the dishes is enough to keep me coming back alone, and I that’s before eating it! This restaurant is located in South Reno, right off of South Virginia. It’s also pretty close to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, if you know where that is.

The best part of eating by South Virginia is that you can take it pretty much all the way through town. It will take you downtown, and there are plenty of entrances to the freeway if you need to get to Sparks or something. Bazaar European Deli & Cafe has my favorite food of the three restaurants, for a few different reasons. First of all, there’s the diversity of the choices. You can either play it safe and order grilled cheese or something, or you can take risks.

My favorite thing to order from here is the smoked salmon crepe. Usually when I get smoked salmon or lox with something it overpowers the flavors of everything else, but the chefs at Bazaar European Deli & Cafe utilize it favorably. Personally I am not that familiar with Russian food, so it was a little strange for me upon first entering the restaurant. One problem I have encountered in a lot of different Reno restaurants is the freshness of their ingredients. Bazaar European Deli & Cafe has some truly amazing chefs, as they only use the freshest and most crisp ingredients.

Using great ingredients will only make your food taste better, even if it drives up the cost of production a little bit. It worked exceedingly well in this case, resulting in a restaurant that I always plan on eating at. I’ll eat at Bazaar European Deli & Cafe at least once a week, if possible. Not once have I seen or heard another customer complaining about the quality of their food, which is always a good sign. When people start sending food back, that’s a time to be cautious and analyze your food.

That’s enough about the food, though. The next thing that I appreciate about this Reno restaurant is their pricing. All business owners are still people, just like all of us. The only things that make us different are our occupations, and I appreciate when a restaurant owner will make eating out easier on us. Most people can’t afford to eat out every night, especially not if they also have an entire family to pay for.

That’s why Bazaar European Deli & Cafe earns all of its positive online reviews, by being dependable and reliable when other restaurants aren’t. I don’t think there has been one scenario where I overpaid, even after taking the quality of the food into consideration. WIth everything that you get, it should come across as no surprise that this restaurant came first on my list. You just have to try it for yourself and see.

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Next up, some great Reno sushi. Hinoki Sushi is also located in South Reno, on Longley Lane. Longley is another one of those streets in Reno that will take you pretty far into town, and it also parallels other major streets in case you need to get even further. Like North Reno, for example. In any event, Hinoki Sushi is equally as good as the other two restaurants featured on this list.

None of them are any better than the others, and with so many restaurants found in Reno it was tough to find the right sushi place. Again, Hinoki Sushi also serves very high quality food. I don’t have a specific favorite roll, but I do enjoy ordering the Ceviche Roll. It’s a little bit spicy, and resembles a Latin dish in my opinion.

There are plenty of options, and I’m always getting something new whenever I visit. A lot of my friends are hesitant to eat sushi because they don’t like the fishy taste of some seafood, but I always try to reassure them that it is all high quality here. Nothing but amazing online reviews for Hinoki Sushi, either.

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Last but not least, if sushi and Russian food didn’t do it for you then hopefully some different Asian food will. 2-D Wok is listed as serving both Chinese and Taiwanese food, but I don’t know enough about the different cuisines to accurately ascertain that. 2-D Wok is found on South Virginia in Reno as well, just past the Peppermill. Reno’s casinos have some pretty nice restaurants, but only if you’re willing to pay a pretty penny for your meal. I usually order something different whenever eating at 2-D Wok, but I always make sure to order the sweet potato fries.

I’ve eaten them at places like Red Robin, but they’re always too salty at other places. These ones are big enough so that they aren’t crispy and crunchy, and they’re salted just enough to enable you to taste it. 2-D Wok’s management didn’t just stop there, though.

The staff here are among the most friendly and respectable that I have seen in any Reno restaurant, Asian or not. You can ask them anything, and they will answer without hesitation. I love intelligence like that. The restaurant industry if very competitive, so any extra little things that a Reno restaurant can do well will cause them to get more positive reviews online. That’s why 2-D Wok is at the top.

You can find plenty more Reno restaurant reviews on our website, If you’re lucky, maybe you can catch one of us mid-meal at one of these restaurants during lunchtime.