The Next Top Three Reno Restaurants for Foodies

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smiling with hope pizzeria

If you live in Reno or pretty much anywhere in Nevada, then you are aware that Reno is known for its quality of restaurants. There are plenty of different styles of cuisine for you to try, and there are some that I don’t normally even think about on a daily basis. Because I eat out so often, my opinions of the “top” restaurants are always changing. As such, I thought it would be necessary to provide another update on Reno’s current top three greatest restaurants. Who doesn’t love to hear about good food, am I right?

smiling with hope reno

Smiling With Hope Pizza is the first restaurant that came to mind, as I discovered it the most recently. I have been eating here for a few months, and I have not been disappointed once. Not at all. Smiling With Hope Pizza is located in South Reno, kind of close to the Peppermill Resort.  There are a lot of things that I will have to cover in this review, so bear with me. We’ll start off with the aesthetic, since it is probably the first thing that you will notice when first entering Smiling With Hope Pizza. I always enjoy seeing the checkerboard floors and the wall of fame. Smiling With Hope Pizza has plenty of lights, so it will remain bright on the inside no matter what time of day it is. You can eat wood-fired pizza for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even though this Reno restaurant is a pizza place, you still have a lot of choices when it comes to the food. I love the garlic knots, even though they are probably not the healthiest thing for me to eat. Between the calzones, pizzas, and salads, I think that the calzones are my favorite. I love to fill my calzone up with meat, so I typically order the meat lovers one. However, since I had the intent of reviewing Smiling With Hope Pizza beforehand, I also made sure to order a few of the salads on separate occasions. You may not believe me, but I am absolutely convinced that Smiling With Hope Pizza’s salad dressings taste way better than other Reno restaurants that I have eaten at. Maybe they just taste better than the other pizzerias’. With so many different pizza places located all across Reno, you really have to be better to set yourself apart from the competition. Some places rely heavily on gimmicks or their other food that you can order as an alternative, but better food will always be a priority for me. As I mentioned previously, these pizzas are wood-fired in real stoves. You can taste how fresh all of the ingredients are, and I appreciate that we can see the chefs working. I have tried to make a pizza in the past, and it turned out horrible.Something went wrong with the dough. Smiling With Hope Pizza is a family-owned business, so you can expect the management to be dependable and reliable. I will always support mom and pop establishments like this. Especially when they look out for their customers by offering such amazing food at an affordable price. They even serve cannolis! Make sure to drop by Yelp and read some more positive online reviews ahead of time, then you will know exactly what to order when you get there.

reno restaurant scrambled eggs

Two Chicks is next on the list, and if you are going to eat at any of these three restaurants for breakfast then this would be your place. This time around, you will be dining in Midtown Reno. If you couldn’t guess it from the title, Two Chicks really specializes in the egg department. Scrambled eggs go with pretty much any breakfast food, so I’m not complaining. Out of all of their scrambles, I think that the Red Chick Scramble skillet is my favorite. Now, I don’t drink coffee, but I do remember that my server once told me that the coffee is roasted locally. If that is your thing, then maybe that will pique your interest as well. Everything that you would come to expect of a great Reno restaurant is present, including solid service and sanitation. My only major gripe is that I can’t seem to find room in my stomach for seconds. And I really want them. Again, anything you eat here will taste nothing less than fresh. Eating at other inferior restaurants has become super disappointing for me lately. We need more restaurants like Two Chicks, so I don’t have to keep making breakfast at home. Maybe then I will start handing out more great online reviews.

turkey sandwich and chili

Last but not least, Süp is another great lunch place to eat at with friends. You can get soups, salads, and sandwiches. Not just any, though. These are some of the best in Reno, and I like to bring both clients and friends to Süp. There’s nothing like a great BLT to get you through the slower hours of the work day. If you’re looking for the aspects of Süp that set it apart from the Reno restaurant competitors, then you will find one of them in the service. Midtown Reno has a lot of my favorite restaurants, and I have come to see that they all have great service. Your glass will always be full, all of your questions will always be answered immediately and without hesitation, and you can still eat and maintain your privacy in peace. Little things like this will always make a huge difference, at least in my opinion. That’s why I awarded Süp with yet another one of my amazing reviews.

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