Three Great Restaurants Located in Reno

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italian restaurant in reno

Reno is a popular tourist destination in Nevada, since it’s not Las Vegas and it’s still in Nevada. You can gamble, ride go-karts, and eat to your heart’s content. Doing the latter is made especially easy by the fact that pretty much all downtown restaurants are a guaranteed good meal, unless you’re eating at a China buffet or the Sands. These restaurants are always changing in quality, and no matter how many times you eat at a restaurant the experience is never the same. I like to keep my customers up to date, so here is the latest batch of Reno restaurant reviews.

italian ravioli restaurant reno

Calafuria comes up first, because it is the closest one to my place of residence. Makes it a lot easier to eat there, plus my leftovers won’t go bad by the time I get home. Calafuria is an Italian restaurant located in Midtown Reno, and there aren’t a lot of great Italian restaurants in the area so it destroys the competition. There are plenty of Italian restaurants in Reno, but outside of Olive Garden I can’t find any with consistency in the quality of their meals. There are a lot of things that I love about Calafuria, but for the purposes of this review I will have to condense them into a few main topics.

For starters, I will use service, price, and atmosphere. Calafuria’s service trumps any other nearby Italian restaurant by a long shot. The waiters are very kind and respectful, always making sure that you have everything you need and nothing more or less. It’s appreciated when a server tries their best to be there whenever you need something, but I hate repeating myself so it’s annoying to be interrupted by someone every few minutes. Especially when they have nothing to contribute to the conversation, either.

In any event, I always tip the staff at Calafuria because they do their job so well. Waiters and waitresses are some of the most under-appreciated workers in the country, since the majority of their money is commission and they don’t necessarily drive the restaurant’s business. Next up, there’s the atmosphere at Calafuria. Atmosphere is comprised of a few things, like the decor and the music. It is also determined by the other customers eating there, as only a weak manager will be unable to manage a bad situation.

As with any high-end Italian restaurant, I would expect only the most attractive of interiors. It is safe to say that I have not been disappointed. Some restaurants can overdo it a bit with the decor, including weird abstract sculptures or things like that. Calfuria has a certain feng shui about it, and whoever designed the interior deserves to get a raise. If I’m going to be honest, the interior reminds me of a house.

Maybe it’s because the fan on the ceiling and the windows just look like a room in a house. Whatever the reason, all I know is that it works. I have never had to shout over the other customers, which has happened to me in the past at other Reno restaurants. I enjoy having respectful customers as much as I do staff. All that would leave is the price.

Taking the quality of the food into consideration, I was honestly surprised at the total price of my meal when eating at Calafuria for the first time. In a good way, though. Restaurants like this are far and few between, so make sure to stop by and support one of your local businesses when you get the chance. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find me eating there as well. If you enjoy your food, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the mountain of positive reviews that this restaurant has.

south reno great sushi

That’s enough bragging about Italian food, though. Let’s shift gears into sushi now. Kei Sushi is essentially the same quality of restaurant, but as a sushi restaurant instead. Sushi is one of my favorite foods, so Kei Sushi is already starting off with a major advantage on other styles of cuisine in Reno. Kei Sushi is found in South Reno, right next to Meadowwood Mall. There isn’t any good sushi there surprisingly, even at Cheesecake Factory.

A major attraction to this restaurant for me is the volume of things to do nearby. First of all, if your children go to Smithridge or Pine, then you can pick them up after a late lunch or take them to one. Not to mention all of the things that you can do in Meadowwood Mall. With so many things to do nearby, if you’re planning an all-day shopping venture then the food court just won’t suffice.

At least, it hasn’t for me anymore. My favorite roll to order from Kei Sushi is the mamasan roll but I hear that their California rolls are great if you’re afraid to try something different. California rolls are kind of like the spaghetti or tacos of sushi. It’s the one that everyone is familiar with. Again, you will find nothing short of amazing reviews for this Reno restaurant.

reno bistro smores restaurant

Last but not least, a bistro. 4th St Bistro is located in West Reno, pretty close to Idlewild Park. Anyone care for a swim? I prefer to eat here during the summer, so I can swim with my kids during the day and stop by for a bite to eat afterwards. With the great pastries here, I’m doubly tired whenever I leave. Admittedly, my favorite dish is not an entree.

Instead, it is the s’mores. How fresh can s’mores be, am I right? Somehow the chefs make them taste fresh and not processed, even though pretty much all of the ingredients are. The healthiest thing there is probably the graham cracker. Lots of people love the filet mignon, but there’s no way I could afford to eat that every time I eat at a restaurant.

No matter how affordable their menu is. No matter what you come for or how many people are with you, don’t hesitate to eat at 4th St Bistro. My friends and I have left more positive online reviews for this restaurant than I can remember.

Don’t forget, if you eat at any of these restaurants then there is a high probability of catching one of the best Reno plumbers mid-meal. Don’t be shy, just don’t be rude either. Give respect and receive it. We will always be fans of supporting local businesses, because we understand exactly what it is like. Managing a restaurant is insanely hard, anyways.