Why Do Waste Disposals Never Seem to Work?

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garbage-disposal-repairWaste disposal should be a helpful kitchen tool. They are convenient and should work well over many uses. Unfortunately, many waste disposals lie dormant. Much to the frustration of the home chef.

If you’ve all but given up on your waste disposal, it may be worth reconsidering. Here are a few reasons your disposal might not be working properly:

No power source – The circuit breaker might have been tripped.

Something stuck in the wheel – Before you attempt to look for or dislodge anything that might have jammed your disposal, please be aware: Do not put your hands inside the disposal. This is dangerous. The disposal could start up at any moment causing you great injury. Instead, follow your disposal’s instructions and use the proper safeguards and tools, so that both you and your disposal are protected.

A clog or leak in the drainage system – The waste disposal is a complicated machine with lots of moving parts. A clog or leak anywhere in the system can keep your disposal from working properly. A plumbing repair professional can help you detect and repair the problem. In some cases, a new disposal may be needed.

To minimize problems, here are some tips to keep your waste disposal running smoothly.

  • Always run water when using the disposal.
  • Avoid putting greasy, starchy foods, or coffee grounds down the disposal drain. These will build up residue and clog the system. Fruit pits and celery strings won’t go down either and they will jam up the blades.
  • Keep the disposal system clean according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These might include lemon, vinegar, or baking soda.
  • Do not use a chemical drain cleaner with your disposal. It can damage the system and leave you with toxic backwash.

If you don’t stress your waste disposal system and if you keep it clean, you will get great use out of this kitchen helper. When problems arise, a trusted plumbing professional can help you untangle them.  Give us a call.  We’re ready to help!