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When picking a type of heating system that you have in your home or your business, many things are to be considered.  Some of those things are about economics. For instance, what kind of furnace can we afford?  Or, what kind of furnace will keep us comfortable while costing us the least for fuel as possible.  Some other important factors in to get the most from any residential or commercial heaters depends on some of these factors too:

  • Selecting the appropriate furnace for your heating system
  • The most professional heater installation
  • Timely repairs
  • Planned Maintanence
  • Condition of the building that is to be heated

Types of Heating Systems

With many types of heater systems available, there is positives and negatives of each but these are the main types to think about before considering the fuel aspects:

  • HVAC Units
  • Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps

For best performance and greatest comfort, all three of these heating systems need ductwork to deliver the warmed air throughout the area to be warmed.  All of these heating systems need maintanence to enhance performance and keep operating costs down.  The ductwork also requires maintanence!  If you could measure the air in terms of gallons.  Your duct system might be circulating millions of gallons of air per year.  That’s a lot of work! 

An HVAC unit combines heating, cooling and ventilation in a single system. This allows for year round comfort.  These systems appear to be doing it all, but in fact, they’re only operating as two different systems (furnace & air conditioner) with one set of controls and one ductwork system. 

A furnace, which can operate using natural gas, electricity or oil, supplies only heat.  This seems simple, but through technology developed in just the last 15 years, furnace technology has made vast improvements in efficiency and reliability. 

A heat pump works in combination with the furnace to pump the air the furnace warms throughout the home or other facility. When temperatures become warm, they work in reverse and pull warm air out of the building. Again, this is a newer technology and is extremely efficient if you have a property where you can utilize a heat pump.

People often make the mistake of choosing a heating system according to the brand, price, or ready availability without really looking at the features and how they work. One of the most important factors in picking out a heating system is getting one that is the right size for your home or business. A unit that is too small for your home will have to work much harder to heat the air and may never be able to bring your home to a comfortable temperature.  “Bigger is better” is also a mistake when choosing a heating system. A system that is too large will use too much energy to operate .

Hire the Right Company in Reno / Sparks for Installation

A heating and cooling contractor with experience installing all types of heating systems will have the knowledge needed to install your heating system properly. That’s the big advantage that Paschall HVAC brings to the marketplace in Reno and Sparks Nevada for heater repair.  As professional furnace installers, Paschall technicians have experience with many different manufacturers and models.  This allows us to determine with precision which heater or furnace is right for you and your home or business.

Always Keep Up the Maintenance

This not only includes changing filters regularly, but also cleaning ductwork to keep dust from settling on working parts. It is always a good idea to purchase a maintenance plan for regular furnace cleaning, or cleaning of your HVAC. This takes the worry out of keeping the heating system in optimum working order and ensures that the correct steps will be taken to prevent breakdowns. You’ll be amazed how inexpensive a maintanence plan through Paschall Heating & Cooling can be.  Just ask the dispatcher in our office or the technician that visits you onsite for more details.  Reno Nevada and Sparks Nevada can be tough on heater maintanence.  We tend to have a lot of particulates in the air from high wind and it can lead to additional maintanence and repair for heaters and furnaces.

Recognizing the Need for Heater Repair or Furnace Repair

The life expectancy of your furnace or heating system will depend on the kind and the maintenance that you or Paschall Heating and Cooling provides for it. Our goal is to make it an affordable and long lasting heater.  We want to minimize downtime as well as costs.   Although you may have a low-maintenance system, it will still require some degree of regular maintenance to enhance performance and prevent from becoming broken. Once the heating system begins to age, you may find that the need for repairs occurs more frequently, even with regular maintenance.  If you’re in that situation, ask your Paschall Heater Repair professional to help you understand and weigh if replacing your system is a better option.

To issues that could just be minor or take minor parts from becoming more significant and expensive, pay attention to changes in how your heating system operates. Be aware of strange sounds or different odors and whether the system stops heating the house as effectively as it did previously. If the system begins to need repairs more frequently and it is more than ten years old, the investment in having furnace repairs may no longer be the most efficient option. It may be time to have a new heater system installed.

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